One of the largest woes of humans interested in western fashion is the inability to find the right pair of jeans. The expectation is that these said jeans will be something they can use in various situations and they will not need to switch out anytime soon. Finding the right tax consultant is a search much like this one. …

What’s the colour that comes to your mind when you think of anything traditionally feminine? Pink? Not much of a surprise considering most marketers and product innovators also associate pink with women and women’s products.

What is pink tax?

Take a pink, “girly”, razor blade and a black “manly” razor blade and compare the prices. Alarmed at the staggering gap? That’s pink tax working overtime to ensure that feminine products cost more than typically masculine products of the same use and material.

What is the effect of this tax?

In 2015, having examined five industries, 24 stores, 91 brands, and 794 products, the New York City’s Consumer Affairs Report cited that…

In the current COVID-19 lock-down scenario, when all talk has been shifted to “Oxygen”, we need to also understand the importance of talking about its sister element, Carbon, and the concept of Carbon credit.

What is Carbon Credit?

A Carbon Credit is an intangible commodity equal to one ton of CO2, that allows companies to compensate for their emissions of Greenhouse Gases. A carbon credit is a tradable certificate or permit that reduces the emission of CO2 by the industries into the environment.

The buying and selling of Carbon Credits is regulated by a legal contract called Emission Reduction Purchase…

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